Top Secret Beaches of Mykonos

You will not go to Mykonos for peaceful holidays. You will go to party, dance until the morning, drink, see and be seen and spend “cosmopolitan” holidays. You will of course visit the glamorous beaches on Mykonos, where the celebrities and crowds mingle under the glistening sun, enjoying the glorious blue skies and the crystal waters of the Aegean Sea. However, there is the other side of Mykonos, a side that only locals really see and only real travellers are willing to explore. Guess what yes, Mykonos has quiet beaches! The island of the winds offers a variety of beaches for those who wish to spend their holidays away from “loud” coasts. The top secret beaches of Mykonos are unexpected hideaways, revealing another view of the island’s astonishing beauty. Well, for those seeking undiscovered beaches and blissful hideaways which have maintained their local Mykonian culture and pristine beauty, seek no further than our list below!


Agios Sostis

It is time you saw a Mykonos beach that is quite the opposite in one of the most alternative beaches in Mykonos! Located roughly 4.5 km from Mykonos town on the North end of the island, it can only be reached by a car. The roads are in good condition, but mostly unmarked and narrow. A good advice is to park your car at the top of the hill before walking down to the beach.

Fragia Beach

Fragia Beach belongs to the secluded beaches of Mykonos and until a few years ago it was not allowed to access it or walk by the fact that the access area was owned by a resident of Mykonos. Situated next to Tsagari Beach, Fragia Beach is only reachable by sea.  It is one of the most remote beaches on the island with crystal clear blue waters and a picture perfect setting.

Loulos Beach

Rocks for dives and a glittering bay with pebbles, spotless and turquoise waters, Loulos beach is a calm beach that does not attract many people. If you like walking you can go by the foot from the famous Kalo Livadi beach, as it only 1 km distant.

Vatheia Lagada Beach

Vathia Lagada beach is a sandy natural beach located at the northeastern tip of Mykonos, 15 km. from Chora. And by its name, (in greek means Deep Grazing) you can imagine how it looks like. The Vatheia Lagada beach is one of the most difficult to reach beaches of Mykonos, but also of the most difficult to find. That’s why this beach is for serious adventure lovers and can only be reached by a 4×4 vehicle.

Merchia Beach

One of the most remote areas on the island, this tiny beach is tucked away in the northeastern side of Mykonos. Located 12 kilometers from Mykonos Town, Merchia Beach remains natural and authentic, is a fine sandy beach, with deep clear waters, and there are some trees nearby that can offer you shade. It is on the quiet secluded beaches of Mykonos and there are no umbrellas and sun loungers. Stay here until the sunrise and watch the fishermen’s houses and the chapel of St. Nicholas twinkle in the dark. In fact, there is nothing but the sea and you.


Located 12 kilometers north of Mykonos Town, close to Fokos Beach, this small and serene beach is a paradise for solitude seekers. With its emerald green waters and thick sand, it is popular among nudists Close to Fokos, peaceful and more protected from the winds.


13 kilometers from Mykonos Town and after Lia beach, adventure seekers head to their ideal escape. The dirt road which leads to the beach is only accessible by foot or a 4×4 vehicle.


14 away from Mykonos town, 4km from Kalafati Beach and 5 km from the well supplied Ano Mera village and most importantly far from the crowds and civilization, this eastern beach is a favorite for those looking for a remote escape by the sea. There are no houses or accommodation in the specific area, just the natural beach and coves. Tigani Beach is a popular destination for boat parties, barbecue outings and fishing trips!